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If you just want a chance to get and try my risk management innovation then enter at least your name and work email and submit. Improve your chances by answering more questions. Those doing Fault Tree Analysis go to the front of the line. (Tell me the tool used.)

There is no real medical device recall epidemic. It's just economics. More devices just mean more recalls.

I am researching why. This is not just academic. I'm talking nuts and bolts.

If you see promise in my world-class risk management method maybe you could return the favor by granting me a one-hour interview. I would really appreciate it.

I am preparing a paper on industry problems with current methods and tools. What works, what doesn’t, and what’s wrong. All data collected will be treated as confidential. Use will be only analytical and statistical.

Click a "DOWNLOAD SURVEY QUESTIONS" button on home page to print them and capture research results or notes for the interview. Then take the survey.

Click a "SURVEY COMPLETED. SCHEDULE THE INTERVIEW" button on the website when done. Tell me your story in the interview. Or, email me at with comments or questions.

Rick Bollinger

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